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First published in 2004, Juice Jargon has been the text of choice for wine schools around the world. Its no nonsense approach to talking about wine has been adopted by those who have tired of the vinobabble of the mainstream wine press. With just a handful of everyday common words Dr. Reiss has shown the world not only how to talk about wine, but how to actually share the experience of tasting a wine. As the author of and with his experience garnered from teaching wine courses for over ten years, and twenty years as a wine steward before that, Stephen Reiss has shown an uncanny knack for making the daunting approachable for wine lovers of every level. More than just a treatise on talking about wine, and more than just a wine dictionary, Juice Jargon is a primer for all aspects for anyone wishing to know more about the world of wine. The new fifth edition continues on the tradition of the last decade, with updates to reflect the ever changing landscape of wine.




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